Trekking at Walkabout Creek, Enoggera Reserve


Enoggera just about has it all thanks to its beautiful lake which provides a place to cool off, somewhere to enjoy relaxing water activities and provides stunning scenery from many of the walking tracks surrounding it’s perimeter.

You can just spot the kayaks from the other side of the water

With an array of tracks available, we decided to take the Reservoir Break walking track and see where it took us. Taking a right from the main water area (canoe launch area), the walking track begins (and continues on) at a fairly steady pace, providing an even footing for families, runners and couples alike. After a while you’ll come across a junction – the track on the right will loop you back onto the track you just came one, whereas the track on the left will wind you round the remainder of the lake (continuing on the Reservoir Break track).

The beginning of the walking track

Now, don’t be fooled by people telling you that the walk around the whole perimeter of the lake is an easy trek. After the junction, the track becomes much more hilly, with incredibly steep climbs followed by the same in descents – not an easy feat in the 30c heat (even at 9am!) The whole loop is said to be just over 11km, taking around 3 hours if walking – but this doesn’t take into account the poor signage and maintenance of the tracks.

The hills became pretty steep at some points!

We made it to the dry Enoggera Creek bed, hoping to catch the track which should’ve looped us back the way we came, however we couldn’t find it as there was no signage and it was very overgrown. By this point, we’d been walking for 1hr 15 minutes (taking into account the crazy hills) and we were pretty tired. The guided walking group we’d overtaken earlier had caught up with us (after hearing them saying “this is much more of a hike!”) and had stopped for lunch – clearly more prepared for taking on the whole lake loop than we were!

No water in the creek – just a bunch of rocks and no signs!

We decided to head back the way we came – those hills were a killer! Eventually we made it back to the canoe launch area after just over 2.5 hours – dripping in sweat and struggling to keep our legs going! To the creek and back was just over 11km – though it looked a lot shorter than completing the whole loop!

Overall the walk provided some stunning scenery of the lake and was a great opportunity to spot water birds and lizards. If you fancy spending some more time at Enoggera Reserve, we recommend taking some swim wear and a picnic to enjoy more of the lake, especially in the Summer!

The monitor lizards can be hard to spot!

There is also a cafe and information centre that’s great for kids, along with the opportunity to hire canoes and paddle boards (or bring your own floaties!)

If you’re planning to walk the full loop of the lake, make sure you’re prepared. Start your walk earlier in the morning before the sun is in full swing and the temperatures rise, make sure you have plenty of water and snacks, mosquito spray, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. If you don’t have a physical map, make sure your phone is fully charged (as always, I recommend downloading the Maps.Me app or offline Google Maps!)

My 2L hydration day pack was a bargain from Kmart!

Have you completed the full loop of the lake? How long did it take you? Let us know!

Happy hiking 🙂

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