In the News … 15th January 2016

What’s been happening in the world of Coeliac’s Disease and gluten free living….

Nima tests for gluten in under 2 minutes

This month has seen the launch of some exciting new tech available to the public in the coming year – the majority of which was launched at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

Among the array of mind-boggling new gadgets was something that Coeliac’s may find very useful – a portable gluten detector. The Nima (from 6SensorLabs) is a portable device which can detect gluten in under 2 minutes. Simply select a sample of your chosen substance, load it into a pod and away Nima goes. A smiley face indicates that your sample is gluten-free, whereas a sad face indicates your sample is a toxic, gluten-containing no-go.

The ‘Nima’ (picture taken from

Although the Nima is set to retail at $249 with an additional $3.99 per sampler pod, this could prove to be a very useful, and very sort-after gadget for us folks with a medical intolerance to gluten. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on one!




Greggs launches gluten-free range

In other news, there’s been an awful amount of hysteria surrounding that well-known high street baker Greggs. This week, rumours have spread that Greggs would be producing its very own gluten-free range which is to be rolled out in stores nationwide.

Gluten-free Greggs?

“Excellent news!” I hear you say. Well, yes – on the face of it this does sound like perfect news. However, there appears to be no official word from Greggs as of yet and there is a lot of worry surrounding cross contamination. As Greggs haven’t officially announced the range (as far as I can see online), I’m still unsure if they would be physically baking gluten-free delights such as their scrummy patries in-store, or if they will simply be offering a range of pre-packaged gluten-free sandwiches and snacks. Whatever they decide, this move would be yet another triumph for us non-gluten consumers, with a slowly expanding range of lunch and snack alternatives appearing on our high-streets. I’ll keep you posted!